Welcome to the Party Season!

To get your party season started, you need the biggest ingredient in the mix which is PREPARATION!

Your preparation will set your skin and make-up to be sublime:D

When should i start to prep my skin before a party?

Depending on the state of your skin, i would say on average give 1 week to turn your skin around from tired and dull to smooth and radiant.

What should i do?

The more glowing your skin is going to be the more it will reflect on the make-up application.

The must do steps are:

1 Cleanse every night with a gentle cleansing milk-Lait Nettoyant or Lait Hydro Nettoyant(avoid soaps, wipes and foaming gels, too harsh!!)

2 Exfoliate once or twice during the week with a gentle exfoliator- Phyt’s Contact+(avoid too aggressive scrubs, they can irritate and make your skin red. A no, no  before an event.

3 How much love do you want to give to your skin? If you want the full monty apply a mask straight after the exfoliation to improve brightness(hydrating ingredients always a plus). Rince off your mask with lukewarm water and path dry.

4 Moisturise, treat and nourish your baby skin (including lips and eye contour)et voila!

On the day of your party, cleanse, moisturise face, neck, lips and eyes and apply your primer for your type of skin- Couleur Caramel Base de maquillage for dry skin or Base Lissante for mix to oily skin and the rest is hope to your own creativity.

I know i sound a bit conservative but remember less is best in make-up…and enjoy the party!

When you are young,  a healthy peachy skin should not be hidden under a tonne of make-up, let your free beauty shine through, and when you are getting older your skin glows much more with a subtle amount of make-up to highlight your feature.

If you suffer from breakout, a good cosmetic routine is important such as the above, if the cosmetics are not sufficient seek help and go to your GP, nutritionist or dermatologist. Only a person experiencing acne realise how important a healthy skin is.brochure models