How do you compliment those beautiful night eyes? With an equally beautiful complexion! Eyes for night are best enhanced first in case any darker colours fall onto the cheeks. Then the complexion can be perfected.

Complexion products:

Concealer no. 9 – Apply cream with finger, tapping / pressing onto areas to increase coverage.

Perfect Complexion Corrector – Choose a shade lighter than your complexion to highlight areas

Bio mineral powder foundation No. 1 – To build coverage a step more

Compact Powder – A must have in the handbag to top up post dancing!

Bronzer No. 28 – Shape the face

Blusher No. 51

Pearl touch highlighter No. 5 – Powdered highlighter for cheeks, eyes, etc.

Pro tip: Applying all in one pressed powders are a great way to refresh foundation from day to night.


Lip pencil No.11

Lipstick No. 255

Lip gloss No. 818

Pro tip: Applying lip gloss to centre of lips gives a fuller appearance