To fake it or to not fake it?

Hmm… just to confirm we are talking about tan!

There is a type of beautiful white milky perfect skin that I think would be criminal to colour. However, if your skin is this type embrace it as it is quite rare and beautiful. For all the others including myself, when summer comes (and I am heading to the South of France to visit my dear family) and you look at the state of your poor skin looking kind of greyish or purplish due to the lack of sun and vitamin D, you have the obligation to at least make it look…well…healthier!! The legs being the biggest culprit!!! It is time to use PHYT’S VOILE DORE 🙂

Voile Doré moisturising lotion is a self tan free of synthetic developers. It uses plant derived ingredients to deepen any skin tone naturally.

Voile Doré can be used on your face as it is non-comedogenic, so very safe to apply on your face to achieve a sun-kissed glow and your body.

The tan is certified 100% natural and develops over several hours. The application can be repeated if you wish to intensify the colour, so even the clearest skin can use it.

Application: Gently exfoliate your face with Phyt’s Gommage Contact + or Activ’peel and body with Gommage Corps, then apply Voile DorĂ© evenly with vinyl gloves or a tanning glove.

If your skin is particularly dry, moisturise it after exfoliating it and then apply Voile Doré. Lait Corps Fleurie or Jasmine are your best bet.

NOW we are ready to put our pins on display 😉

Ingredients: Natural DHA from sugar beets to develop the colour, Wheatgerm oil and Vitamin E which nourish and act as an antioxidant to protect the skin, Peppermint to refresh and clarify the skin and Rosewood to sooth any sensitivity.

Below: model’s right leg with Voile DorĂ©; model’s left leg with no tan.