We are delighted to be part of the Full 360 series with Alison Canavan starting the 14th of January 2018. The first event is in Dublin at the Radisson Blu, Golden Lane. Some of Ireland’s leaders in health, fitness and well-being will be there to support attendees in their pursuit of a better year ahead.

A balanced diet gives us the essential vitamins and minerals we need to fuel and nourish our bodies. Using a high quality natural cosmetic to nourish and protect our skin is no different. PHYT’S Skincare is 100% in synergy with our skin. Based on organic plant extracts, PHYT’S provides us with the essential vitamins and oils to feed, smooth and rejuvenate our skin.

So as you head into the New Year, don’t forget about your skin! Click here to buy your ticket.

Tired and Dull Skin (Not recommended for fine/sensitive/reactive skin)

This type of skin applies to everyone with a unbalanced skin, with no glow and dullness due to tiredness and a lack of care. 

Cleanser: Lait Hydro Nettoyant

Toner: Hydrolé Eucalyptus

Glycolic peeling Rénov Duo Kit

Moisturise / Protect: SPF 50

Dehydrated and Tight Skin

Typical in winter, due to central heating, cold and wind, the skin is feeling tight, uncomfortable and becomes dull due to a lack of moisture and nourishment.

Cleanser: Lait Nettoyant

Toner: Hydrolé Orange

Exfoliant: Gommage Contact+

Mask: Masque Hydra’Instant

Serum: Antirides

Moisturiser: Crème Absolue


Anytime of the year and at any age one can experience a break-out. Wrong cosmetics, stress, diet, poor sleep can create skin problems.

Cleanser: Lait Hydro Nettoyant

Toner: Hydrolé Eucalyptus

Exfoliant: Gommage Contact+ / Activ’Peel

Mask: Masque Revelateur

Moisturiser: Crème C17

Serum: C17