Simple Sophistication – liner and lip

For this Couleur Caramel video, we kept our model’s (20) look simple, chic and elegant with fresh skin, black liner and a matte red lip. This is one of our favourite looks at Colour Caramel because it’s classic and really shows off the professional quality of pigments and hold in our natural, organic products. We are just utterly in love (& envy!) with this young model’s skin and to overdo a makeup look to distract from it would be a sin!! At every age, skin should enhanced not masked and that is always our aim when it comes to complexion makeup. Even with redness / blemishes, the goal should be to counteract, the word coverage sounds like we should have to hide! Compliment your skin and show it off we say!! See the video here on our Youtube Channel:

What we used:

Makeup Base – White Base Primer / Moisturiser applied with Foundation Brush n°04. This primer is so much more than just creating a perfect makeup base: it hydrates the skin, nourishes, protects and gives an unbeatable radiance with natural mineral components. Cornflower oil soothes, Shea butter and almond protect, while Kalahari melon oil. Suitable for most skin types (not very oily).

Foundation – Hydra Jeunesse n°23 & n°24 (mixed to match some remnant tan on the neck) applied with Foundation Brush n°04. Our newest and most fabulous addition to our family of foundations, Hydra Jeunesse is a youth inducing, radiance injecting bath of hydration in the form of a foundation. It suits all, from teens to 100+ and gives the skin the most glowing finish. Inca Inchi oil with Hyaluronic acid and brown algae: full of powerful vitamins and antioxidants.

Powder – Silk Powder was created specifically for television and stage to remove excess shine and to set / hold foundations. Rice starch and mica absorb any excess shine or oil leaving a beautiful matte finish which literally feels like silk. The best product for photography at such events where shine is a no no. Bridal powder anyone?! Applied here with Powder Brush n°01.

Bronzer – Terre Caramel n°25 applied with Kabuki Brush n°02 and Retractable Brush n°03 on cheeks and brow bone. Used around the face and neck to frame. Jojoba wax and shea butter treat and soften and the colour the bronzers give can be deepened depending on skin colour.


Blusher –n°53 Light Pink applied with Retractable Brush n°03. Applied to the apples of her cheeks and up and out over the cheek bone. This blush has a mix of pink and peach tones with a hint of iridescence to enliven again after the matte powder finish.

Eyebrows – Eyebrow Kit n°28 Blonde applied with Brush n°10. Strictly powders for this look to emphasise shape with a softness. Brows frame the face yes, but should not look like they have been applied with a permanent marker. Follow the natural contour of the brow line and muscles, keep it light, and build… you can’t go wrong!

Eye Shadow – Essential Eye Palette n°02: n°011 Rosy Beige over entire lid with Brush n°06 to softly disperse the colour. Contrasts nicely with matt Bronzer n°25 used on the brow bone.

Liquid Liner – n°07 Black. For that feline flick. A thickened line was built with a subtle flick at the outer corner. Some eyelids can allow a more obvious flick, but depending on the natural contours of the eyelid and socket, it is not always achievable to create such an elongated wing. Work with your eye shape and practice makes perfect! Remember, everyone should have a black liquid eyeliner to simply line the root of the upper lashes. Easy for all ages and eye types, it automatically thickens the lash line and lifts the eyelid for a wider eye. Try it!

Mascara – n°71 Black Volumising. To thicken and lengthen the lashes and complete the eye look.

Lipstick – Pencil n°07 Red and Lipstick n°122 Red Currant (a matte red, 3rd in line below) applied with Pro Lip Brush n°14. Always use a lip liner to avoid colours running, create shape and to give long lasting hold to your lip colours. Matte for long lasting colour and hold. Use lip balm before application to soften the lips as matte lipsticks are not as nourishing and softening as creamier / glossy ones.