Partnering with the Marie Keating Foundation

Our company V.Claire has developed a complete natural ethos over the years. By meeting women through promotional days in beauty salons and health stores, we can connect and talk about the tribulations of life! Health and well being over the past few years has become a big concern. With this knowledge, it brought us to contact the Marie Keating Foundation because we think we can help to improve women’s well being by using certified 100% natural cosmetics. Natural cosmetics are more gentle, soothing and very efficient to bring nourishment as it doesn’t contain any controversial ingredients.

The Marie Keating Foundation is a very reputable, transparent association and we were delighted to collaborate in brining a positive outlook to every person going through treatment. Even in time of treatment, a bit of loving and tender care which can appear as a bouquet of flowers, or as we are concerned a nice hand cream or makeup, or a gentle natural scent can bring a smile, comfort and positivity.