Beauty at what cost? By Virginie Vuillaume
At VClaire Natural Cosmetics we know the skin inside and out. Of course, working as an esthetician for over 25 years has greatly helped me to aquire plenty of experience in reading a skin.
I am a guest speaker at Alison Canavan “The Full 360” to communicate with you my experiences and to remove the misinformation about the beauty industry.
I want to talk to you not just about a visual beautiful skin, but also about a fullfiled beautiful soul too.
My experience has tought me that beauty comes in 2 different ways:
The visual: We all strive to have a radiant, healthy and youthful skin, which is achievable.
The inner: Your inner beauty is your soul, and your capability to connect with it, to learn and respect who you are.
In a society obssessed with perfection and quick fixes, what about to press pause and reconsider what really matters and ask ourselves the following questions:
Do I want to look generic?
Do I want to achieve perfection and why?
Do I want to find my inner self and stop comparing myself to others?
Do I want my personality and my commitments to reflect my true self?
Join me at Alison’s show to talk further afield.
See you there. Virginie