NEW Fragrances to VClaire Salon & Distribution!

We are growing in confidence at VClaire with our healthy skin living:)

After having brought to Ireland Phyt’s, then Couleur Caramel, our last addition are perfumes from the South Ouest of France called ACORELLE!


We are absolutely ecstactic to introduce you to beautiful scents with a difference. Acorelle concept is ethical, 100% natural ingredients and the scents are beautiful as they work on your senses! Everyone of you can find their personal scent. You can wear the Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette and Body Mist on your skin and nothing else like Marilyn Monroe used to do;)

Acorelle fragrancesacorelle4 are available from Saturday 10th December to our flagship in Dublin 6w.

If you want cosmetics with a conscience we are here to guide you to make the choice your skin needs.