Ingredient Spotlight: What are parabens, and why we don’t want them in our cosmetics

At V.Claire Natural Cosmetics we choose to provide cosmetics that are natural, organic, and active and results driven. The more we discuss ingredients at HQ, the more we solidify our strong desire to spread our message: cosmetics with a conscience. Simply put, every ingredient our ranges PHYT’S, Couleur Caramel and Acorelle use are selected with purpose, to give our skin and health benefits rather than compromise by using controversial synthetic ingredients.

An ingredient that many may have heard of is paraben: methylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben, butylparaben, isobutylparaben – anything ending in paraben! They have been used for decades as cosmetic industries grew and mass production increased. Parabens are a synthetic and cheap way to preserve cosmetics: hair care, skin care, makeup, deodorants, sun creams… they are said to be anti-microbial for longer preservation of your products. Controversy arose in the 90s and over the past twenty years, many papers have been published after research trials were carried out; the best known being Philippa Dabre from the University of Redding, UK. In the study, it was discovered that parabens were found in amongst breast cancer tissue and that parabens may mimic oestrogen to proliferate the spread.

Be it true or not that parabens may exacerbate or play a role in cancer formation, it gives us food for thought. This chemical penetrates our skin and it is something that our organs have to process; another substance to break down and excrete. How many cosmetics do you use in a day? That’s a lot of paraben never mind the other synthetic ingredients alongside them!

Many products have become “paraben free” which is stated on their packaging. Natural products, like our ranges, use plant alcohols and the components that create essential oils which are anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and give a natural scent to the product. You will see this written at the end of the ingredients list, for example: geraniol, linalool, limonene, etc.

We simply like to give you more choice: high quality products with awesome plant based ingredients that are created by environmentally sound companies… what’s not to love! Check out the comparisons for yourself… which tempts you more?!

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