To follow up on our event in Dawson Street and our video, I would like to explain in very practical terms why our company VClaire Natural Cosmetics has chosen to distribute certified natural products.

WHY? Very simple: Because it makes sense.

We women are using a lot of cosmetics, from skincare to hair colour, nail varnish, body lotion, false tan, deodorant and so on… If I offer you a choice between two glasses of water, one being pure and the other with controversial ingredients, which one would you drink?

It is quiet simple: taking care of ourselves should be one of our biggest priorities. It is a responsibility we owe to ourselves and our loved ones. If you can help your body by using quality ingredients to benefit its functioning why wouldn’t you?

You know the expression “Your health is your wealth”.

We, the consumers, can decide and make our choice on which cosmetics to use by reading the list of ingredients of the products we are using. Making sense?:)