Change of season and your skin?!!

Did you notice how tight and sensitive your skin can feel during the winter months?

Once you start wearing your winter coat , its time to wear your winter moisturizer too!

The following are the seasonal factors responsible for damaging your skin;

  • Cold temperatures, wind, central heating, inadequate skincare and sudden change of temperature such as when you are going into a warm place and then step out into a freezing  cold weather.  Brrrrr…just to think about it!!

What to do??

Just adapt your moisturizer to the climate and your skin. Like a coat, wear a more creamy, heavier moisturizer which will protect and seal your skin against all this factors.

When to do?

From mid October to the end of April indulge your skin with nourishment, protection and hydration. Pass this date,  like your clothes your skincare can be lighter with the arrival of the good weather.

Which skincare?

Keep it simple but be very good in your choice. Its not about the packaging or the dream of a miracle…its about continuity in your skincare and quality ingredients which will make your skin balance and radiant.

Your skin is tight? Its mean it is dehydrated. It can affect oily or dry skin

Your skin feels rough and cracking? Bone dry is your answer

Your skin is red and flaky? It means it has passed the bone dry to become reactive and very unhappy!

The answer?

Dehydrated skin: Go for the Phyt’s Blue Aqua line. It contains vegetal hyaluronic acid, a molecule which contains 600 time its own weight in water.

Your skin is dehydrated and oily: Elixir qua, Fluide or Crème Aqua is suitable.

Your skin is dry and dehydrated: Crème Aqua, Crème Hydra Riche and the Elxir Aqua.

Bone dry skin: Go for the burgundy Phyt’s line. Plenty of oils to nourish and protect.

For the ultra sensitive skin: The gold line Phyt’s Phytssima crème and serum. Specific oils such as argan, shea butter, hemp oil all rich in vitamins and fatty acids and omega 3 & 6. Very soothing and calming for a happy skin:)

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