A radiance skin? The mask is part of the secret!

20161114_164408Why should I use a mask?

Our skin needs a routine, the same as our teeth. We brush our teeth every day, so should we cleanse and care for our skin everyday. The use of a mask is part of a weekly routine to care and treat our skin to maximise its radiance.

Which mask should I use?

As you learn from me and others it all depends on the type of skin. The recommendation i will make is to be careful by using mask which can be too absorbent with green clay which can be very dehydrating or mask with acid which also can create more problems, such as redness, irritations and making your skin generally more sensitive. Extreme ingredients never achieve a good balance.

On the picture posted our model wear 2 different masks. Of course you don’t have to wear many masks. Try to find a versatile mask such as the Phyt’s Mask Revelateur, Mask Reviderm or the Aqua Mask.

My favourite is mask Revelateur because it contains Peppermint which re-oxygenate, Camphor, which is an  anti inflammatory so very calming for redness, Thyme, to heal and stimulate the micro circulation, White clay which gently absorbs and eliminate impurities and of course the Sunflower oil to keep my skin moisture. It really is like a receipe! You can see how all this plants are going to illuminate my skin.

When buying your mask check if the ingredients are suitable to what you are looking for to achieve. If you don’t know any of the ingredients just don’t buy it. And of course avoid as much as possible any ingredients with parabens, petroleum,  artificial perfumes or preservatives.

When should I use a mask?

Use a mask once a week in average. If your skin is particularly oily or very dry, use it twice to keep your skin balance. When you remove your mask use lukewarm water and be gentle with your movements.

Dry your skin and apply your night moisturizer.

Now everyone is ready for some loving and tender care toward their skin?!