Change of season and your skin?!!

Did you notice how tight and sensitive your skin can feel during the winter months?

Once you start wearing your winter coat , its time to wear your winter moisturizer too!

The following are the seasonal factors responsible for damaging your skin;

  • Cold temperatures, wind, central heating, inadequate skincare and sudden change of temperature such as when you are going into a warm place and then step out into a freezing  cold weather.  Brrrrr…just to think about it!!

What to do??

Just adapt your moisturizer to the climate and your skin. Like a coat, wear a more creamy, heavier moisturizer which will protect and seal your skin against all this factors.

When to do?

From mid October to the end of April indulge your skin with nourishment, protection and hydration. Pass this date,  like your clothes your skincare can be lighter with the arrival of the good weather.

Which skincare?

Keep it simple but be very good in your choice. Its not about the packaging or the dream of a miracle…its about continuity in your skincare and quality ingredients which will make your skin balance and radiant.

Your skin is tight? Its mean it is dehydrated. It can affect oily or dry skin

Your skin feels rough and cracking? Bone dry is your answer

Your skin is red and flaky? It means it has passed the bone dry to become reactive and very unhappy!

The answer?

Dehydrated skin: Go for the Phyt’s Blue Aqua line. It contains vegetal hyaluronic acid, a molecule which contains 600 time its own weight in water.

Your skin is dehydrated and oily: Elixir qua, Fluide or Crème Aqua is suitable.

Your skin is dry and dehydrated: Crème Aqua, Crème Hydra Riche and the Elxir Aqua.

Bone dry skin: Go for the burgundy Phyt’s line. Plenty of oils to nourish and protect.

For the ultra sensitive skin: The gold line Phyt’s Phytssima crème and serum. Specific oils such as argan, shea butter, hemp oil all rich in vitamins and fatty acids and omega 3 & 6. Very soothing and calming for a happy skin:)

anti-age-banner cosmetiques-phytssima1 cosmetiques-visage-hydratant1

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A radiance skin? The mask is part of the secret!

20161114_164408Why should I use a mask?

Our skin needs a routine, the same as our teeth. We brush our teeth every day, so should we cleanse and care for our skin everyday. The use of a mask is part of a weekly routine to care and treat our skin to maximise its radiance.

Which mask should I use?

As you learn from me and others it all depends on the type of skin. The recommendation i will make is to be careful by using mask which can be too absorbent with green clay which can be very dehydrating or mask with acid which also can create more problems, such as redness, irritations and making your skin generally more sensitive. Extreme ingredients never achieve a good balance.

On the picture posted our model wear 2 different masks. Of course you don’t have to wear many masks. Try to find a versatile mask such as the Phyt’s Mask Revelateur, Mask Reviderm or the Aqua Mask.

My favourite is mask Revelateur because it contains Peppermint which re-oxygenate, Camphor, which is an  anti inflammatory so very calming for redness, Thyme, to heal and stimulate the micro circulation, White clay which gently absorbs and eliminate impurities and of course the Sunflower oil to keep my skin moisture. It really is like a receipe! You can see how all this plants are going to illuminate my skin.

When buying your mask check if the ingredients are suitable to what you are looking for to achieve. If you don’t know any of the ingredients just don’t buy it. And of course avoid as much as possible any ingredients with parabens, petroleum,  artificial perfumes or preservatives.

When should I use a mask?

Use a mask once a week in average. If your skin is particularly oily or very dry, use it twice to keep your skin balance. When you remove your mask use lukewarm water and be gentle with your movements.

Dry your skin and apply your night moisturizer.

Now everyone is ready for some loving and tender care toward their skin?!

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Xposé Balmain Look

Many have been asking what products were used to create the Couleur Caramel Balmain look on TV3’s Xposé… well wonder no more! The AW16 makeup look at Balmain was fresh and radiant skin (which should be the skin goals of everyday with makeup!); groomed brows, and subtly filled with browns to give more definition, but still not over powering; nude to peach on the eyelids with black mascara lightly applied for naturality. The lips were peach, however for our own look, we took added inspiration from Louis Vuitton and Versace by adding a bold blackcurrant lip… it is winter after all!

Here is what we used on our model Shauna:

White Makeup Base

Almond and Karanja oils to nourish, hydrate and protect, adding antioxidant benefits to feed the cells vitality while brightening the complexion. Minerals give glow and the skin looks simply radiant. Primes the skin perfectly before the application of foundation.


Compact Foundation n°13 Orange Beige:

An all in one foundation that gives coverage, unifies the complexion, feels smooth and creamy, softens and feels weightless… it has it ALL! This was applied with Foundation Brush n°04 and patted with fingertips around the eyes and nose. Apricot wax, Jojoba and Shea butter nourish and protect and give healing, balancing and soothing properties to the skin. Bye bye redness and breakouts!


Silk Powder n°11:

The best translucent powder for every skin tone: rice starch and silica simply remove excess shine from areas it is applied to: a must for brides! It disappears and does not alter the tone of your foundation one bit. Applied lightly with Brush n°1. A must for every handbag.


Blusher n°53 Light Pink

A pink and peach blush for the cheeks to give warmth to Shauna’s naturally tanned complexion. Applied with Brush n°3 for precision. Soya oils soften and apricot powder give lasting hold.


Bronzer n°23 Pearly Beige Brown

To frame the face: ever so slightly applied to the top of the forehead, along the cheek bone and on neck. Applied with Brush n°2 Kabuki for a well dispersed and natural looking glow.


Pearl Touch n°05 Granite

This was used for Shauna’s eyelids, but is also a highlighter for the cheeks, brow bone etc.


Eye Pencil n°16 White and Eye Shadow n°026 Matt White

Inspiration from Makeup artist Pat McGrath using a simple white V in the corners of the eyes under and above the lash line. Draws attention to the eyes, widens and brightens… and so simple for all to do! Angled Brush n°10.


And the LIPS:

Cherry Lipstick n°258, Lip Pencil n°31 Opaline

To really give a burst of brilliance, a blackcurrant shade dramatized the overall look from simple to sultry. Nourishing oils and waxes such as carnauba, apricot and jojoba to give a creamy but matt finish… et voilà!


Catwalk to Christmas, your look is complete!

 img-20161118-wa0009 img-20161118-wa0007 img-20161118-wa0004



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What about Serums?

In cosmetics a serum is a concentrated product rich in active substances and its purpose is to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin to repair and renew the skin texture.

Why should you use a serum?

A serum is the product to have if your skin feel tired, have a lack of radiance, feel tight and uncomfortable or is neglected.

When should I use a serum?

The best time to use a serum is at the change of season and especially now as the winter is on its way with cold temperatures and central heating.

Which serums to use?

If your skin is dry, dehydrated and sensitive an oil base serum will be the best choice. Oils such as Wheatgerm, Onagre, Hazelnut are very protective and nourishing. They will act as anti ageing by nourishing and creating a shield to conserve your water and oil within your skin. Phyt’s serum antirides is excellent for brightening the skin due to its composition of cypress and rosemary. Both plants stimulate the skin micro circulation to brighten the complexion and the oils are nourishing.

If your skin is mixt, oily or dehydrated a lighter serum will be beneficial. Elixir Aqua from Phyt’s is water base. Its texture is light and fluid and its penetration into the skin very fast. Most of oily skin are dehydrated. An aqueous serum brings back moisture & suppleness. Most of problematic skins use very astringent cleanser to get rid of the oil but most of the time the skin react badly with harsh products. The skin becomes tight and irritated and more blackheads and spots appear.

How do I use my serum?

In the evening you can use it on its own as your skin is going to be nice and comfy in bed. If your skin is particularly tired and emotional use the serum and a moisturiser on top to maximise the benefits.

In the morning always use a moisturiser on top of your serum. As your serum penetrate into the skin you will need the extra barrier of your moisturiser to protect your skin for the all day.

I hope my explanation make sense to you and if you have any query please contact me.

Kind regards




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To Botox or not to Botox, that is the question?


One day you catch yourself in the car mirror, by far the worst offender, or in an unflattering photo and say. Oh good god, is that really me?!


Since turning 40, I constantly compare myself to women my age, never mind younger ones. Even though I tell myself not to. I can’t help but look at stars and models and say to myself. Is it genetics, is it botox, is it having loads of money and a team working 24/7 to look that good? My logical self says, probably yes to all of the above. But the insecure me says…oh but I am the same age and look me, look at my lines, why don’t I look like that?


This insecurity was heightened when invited to a wedding where for the first time I was one of the dreaded older aunties. You know the ones you kind of have to invite because your mum and dad told you. I thought:

  1. wow, I really am getting old
  2. wow, I look really tired and lined


With a week to go, and as I hadn’t saved up for the botox or surgery, I booked myself in for a PHYT’S facial at Virginie Vuillaume’s V Claire Salon in Dublin’s Kenilworth. Virginie has been a pioneer in using only 100% natural cosmetics in her salon for 20 years. Her ethos that ‘the beauty of being is being different’ is truly refreshing and so French.  As a self confessed beauty and anti aging junky, and after meeting the woman herself, I wanted to try a PHYT’S facial.


When I arrived at the salon I was greeted by Orinta who brought me through into the reception area and treatment rooms. It was like a little oasis in the hustle and bustle of Kenilworth’s busy street. She started with a cleanse and gommage which gently exfoliated my skin. Then followed the most amazing facial massage which was utter bliss. As my skin can flare up and be quite red at times she then applied a cooling mask to reduce the inflammation. The mask was left to set and I floated off to sleep. When she returned the mask was peeled off. To finish off she applied an anti inflammatory and anti-aging oil. It was such an amazing experience and I was utterly chilled. I was then given some great aftercare and product advice and some testers to try at home. Then I happily wandered back to my car.


When back in the car I looked in the dreaded mirror and there was a very pleasant surprise staring back at me. What I saw was a seriously refreshed, evenly toned, practically ‘expression line’ free face. I looked like me but a fresher brighter me.


So, to botox or not to botox? Will I look like a Hollywood star even if I do get it?

The reality is no, as I never did. I think we sometimes can get caught up in trying to look and be someone we are not. Ageing is a natural process, like it or not. Therefore, I’m sticking to getting a facial, using good quality natural products and everything else in moderation. Accepting those ‘laughter lines’ that show I’ve lived and laughed while embracing the age I am and being me! Off Cinders went to the wedding feeling great, energetic and happy in her own skin. By Niamh Moran Hanvey – Complete Health & Wellbeing   Aug 2016

Nimah beforeBefore

Niamh afterAfter

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Cosmetic Shopping: Invest in the right product for YOU!

When it comes to shopping for cosmetics, both skincare and makeup, it can be a daunting task to choose: television, magazines, bloggers, friends… the list goes on and everyone has an opinion on their favourites. Well, before you buy and invest your money, time and skin health in a product: STOP!! Think on your own two feet. If there is no professional to hand, ask yourself, “Why am I buying this?”. A promise of ultimate perfection in this one item?! Yep, let’s all take a step back and breath.

Makeup is fun and as women, we love colour and shiny things when it comes to attraction: and that is totally fine! But is it right for you? Will this suit you? Will you really wear it, or is this an impulse buy?! Makeup trends come and go so quickly: find out your look and own it. Worry not about 100 million instagramers with pouty fish faces, clones of each other with OTT defined brows, false lashes and winged liner. Wear your makeup to compliment your beautiful features. Leave the caricatures to artists with easels.

With products that we apply all over our face, neck and body , we should know that it will suit our needs and our precious skin. If it’s a cosmetic that you will apply everyday, analyse the ingredients, smells, textures… don’t just read the front label’s caption. Be picky; it is an ocean of cosmetics out there and your skin is individual – so be precious about it!

As you know, PHYT’S and Couleur Caramel are professional and certified brands and we are all about natural, quality ingredients with results. It’s what we look for. So now to figure out, what do you look for?!


Closeup portrait of a pretty middle aged woman touching her face

Portrait of a fresh and lovely woman standing on the beach [url=][img][/img][/url] [url=][img][/img][/url]


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What Does it Take to Achieve a Great Skin?

For some, they are genetically blessed when it comes to skin: flawless, airbrushed, never a blemish… inhuman! However, for many, particularly of Celtic decent, we do not all tend to be born with this wonderful gift. This is where the term ‘Skincare’ comes into its own. Guidance from your professional skin therapist, a pinch of effort and a dollop of knowledge of what to use on your own individual skin. It is not complicated to achieve skin perfection, only takes a little work… and A LOT of enjoyment!

At V.Claire, we are all about obtaining this desire of wonderful skin for all. We can all have bad skin days, but let us make most of them fabulous! Facials are of the utmost importance for a thorough consultation with you skin therapist and a customised treatment to target your skin’s requirements. A facial allows a deeper cleansing and continuous application and absorption of active ingredients (all plant goodness when it comes to PHYT’S and Couleur Caramel). The skin, tissues and muscles will benefit from different massage techniques to encourage penetration and renewal.

Homecare is for maintenance of the healing and repair received during treatment. For example, a skin prone to high colouring, irritation or inflammation can be calmed with the right advice and products (e.g. a tip: apply a layer of cream cleanser over your face in the shower so heat, steam, moisture, shampoos do not aggravate the facial skin so much… and obviously stop running the water over your face!).

To All:

  • Cleanse morning and evening, ideally with a cream / oil based cleanser. Massage into skin, and remove with damp cotton discs. No rinsing, no heat.
  • Always protect by day with a moisturiser (conserves hydration, and comforts).
  • Night time is the BEST time to treat the skin (nourish, hydrate, repair, rebalance).
  • Exfoliate and Mask once a week.
  • And like anything else, when it comes to skin health, go for check ups. That’s our job 🙂


Makeup ModelPhyt's model image

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When did it become unacceptable to age?

Its inevitable!! Women and Men have begun to scrutinise themselves terribly due to pure media pressure.

In general we all look better than ever, but we are still wanting more. I feel much more beautiful within myself than my physical appearance, and with time we can only be deceived by our physical self. The best way to stay young is to keep  contact with your soul and be your best friend.

We grow with change and reinvent ourselves…It’s part of being a human being. What is not part of our naturality is frozen features: no laughter, a constant state of surprise or an emotionless at momentous or grievous times. Facial features are so important to communicate and convey feelings, so why fill it?

So if it tempts you, research and don’t go overboard, and remember that basic skincare is still number 1… if you have bad skin, fillers and botox won’t be worth the pretty penny.

Embrace expression, know your beauty!


From Virginie & Dearbhla

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WATCH! VClaire and Seven Wood Collaboration

Re-live the collaboration of Virginie Claire of V.Claire Natural Cosmetics and Niamh Banks of Seven Wood through this fantastic video, shot by Jake Murray.

All things natural and ethical united under one roof with two passionate women sharing their loves and knowledge in their fields.. enjoy!


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Seven Wood and V Claire upcoming event.

Niamh Banks and I, Virginie Claire, are very exited by the positive response to our invitation, and we are looking forward to having you next Thursday.

Our event came to life out of a spontaneous meeting. After a while we thoughts it would be great to share our ideas and create a community of likeminded people, sharing the same life concept.

Our partnership for this event is to englobe our years of experience to offer you the best advices in an ever changing society and a platform to express ourselves.



slide_event_v_claire FINAL

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The age old question: To Sun or Not To Sun

The sun is coming!! Okay, maybe you’re booked to go abroad to more tropical climates so the sun really IS coming… and believe it or not, between the wind, hail and snow showers of April, our Irish sun is building in strength. Upon bursts of sunshine through the flurries, you can feel her heat, and she will easily mislead you into thinking,”Ahhhh but sure we’re in Ireland, we’re grand.”

We need to be as mindful of UV here as anywhere in the world, so I urge: have sense! If you’re going to be out all day at an event, exercising, working, rolling around in a meadow… Whatever it may be: protect yourself. Especially protect that beautiful face of yours. Our faces are out all year round, 365, 24/7 so when it hits spring, have your trusty SPF at hand – for when you NEED it. Not when you are sitting in doors at a desk all day. It’s unnecessary to use SPF and SPF based cosmetics when you’re undercover as no rays will get you and there’s a buildup of minerals / synthetics on the skin that calls for more exfoliation to allow serums and moisturisers to penetrate properly. Sun blocks say what they do: block!

I also like to question do we reduce our skins natural function to react to UV and protect us if we constantly block with 50 at every second of every day? Do we cause a greater reaction because our melanin is too lazy to work properly if we get caught without SPF on? Do we then do more damage? On days where I’m in and out of the car / outdoors for momentary sessions, I tend not to panic. Protection comes into play for longer excursions into UV radiation: what did our ancestors do before SPF was created?! The whiter the skin the more regality one was deemed to have so they had sense and didn’t bake themselves in the sun. Outside of Europe and the States, this is still truth. Mineral makeups are packed on to lighten and brighten the complexion, sleeves and trousers are worn, and premature ageing and pigmentation fails to be seen: a lot to learn here in Ireland, the land of the orange complexion.

The base of PHYT’S SPF is mineral, just like many makeups: zinc and titanium that sit on the skin and reflect light and heat away. They contain beautiful vegetable oils Aragn, Shea Butter, Jojoba, Olive to nourish and feed antioxidants to the skin… and our advice: apply when you need it, depending on your day to day whereabouts. Just pop your 30 or 50 factor in your bag and V.Claire has you covered.

So stop panicking, let some of that good sunshine hit your body for 20 / 30mins (arms, legs – Vitamin D please!!) and be more conscious of your face, neck and chest. Where a hat if you don’t have a cream! Just don’t bake yourself for hours on end for a tan that is never going to last in Ireland J



Phyt's sun line 2015

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Back at home to visit my family, the first thing you hear in the morning at 6am is the coffee machine and the soft velvet aroma slowly travelling across the house and bringing a feeling of comfort and contentment. Through the years my parents went to 2 coffee machines both died at the end of the summer by a thunder storm and lightening!! The last time it happened a relative decided to offer them a NEW coffee machine. And guess what? The dreaded coffee machine with the capsules appeared in our kitchen!! Not good. The classic, useful machine where you put your coffee in your filter, press the button and get a really good smooth coffee and then recycle the sediment in your composter was gone forever! The amount of capsules used everyday around the world would make your head spin. And the recycling of these capsules is close to impossible due to the material used. Our green bins don’t recycle it. So on that note if it’s not good for our recycling bin, then it’s not good for the earth we all live on and so it’s just an unnecessary item! It’s time to go back to what was perfect the way it was:)

coffee capsule

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